Here's What Clients Say About Me

M. Quinn

The most honest Realtor I know. I haven't needed Paula for 20 years because she did such a great job last time!

M. Greenfield

Paula will listen, work hard, and find the home you want to own.

L. Horak

She respects you, does it right, and protects your interests.

M. Gunter

Paula has been my go-to Realtor for myself, my friends and family. She is the best.

B. Sundstrom

She is honest and knows the market well. My house sold in 4 days back when the market was still very soft.

J. Luthy

We used her twice. That's a testament to her professionalism and attention to her clients. And we would use her again.

J. Beaver

If you want the best Realtor who will work hard for you and provide not only a smooth transaction but an exceptional experience, call Paula.

K. Thomas

Paula gives the impression that you are her most important client. She is professional without being intimidating.

V. Bjorklund

She will tell you the truth if the expectation and the budget won't work. She is an ally in every step of the process -- and knows the market.

G. Nagarajan

We were in great hands. Paula was a very good listener, proactive, and creative. She helped us with 4 transactions, buying and selling our first and second homes.

D. Le

Paula came to me by way of referral by a friend who had a great buying experience. She did not disappoint. Paula went out of her way to cater to me as a first-time buyer during a very tenuous period in the housing market. I couldn't have done it without Paula.

K. Patterson

Diligence: Paula does due diligence and then some, going the extra mile -- and in it for the long haul. As a repeat client, I can say Paula is a trusted resource on the seller as well as the buyer side. Highly recommended.

D. Schreiner

Paula is great. She is easy to work with. She communicates well. She works all over Portland and knows the market well.

M. Hoffman

Paula is straight forward. She tells you what your property is worth. We have had 4 sales, and all have been smooth and without a hitch.

M. Myklebust

She listened to what I wanted.

M. Greenstreet

I can recommend Paula without any reservations. She is very professional, well organized, and efficient. She will get the job done, no doubt about it.

J. McCormick

She really knows the market and the area. She listened to our needs and put together a great selection of homes to see. The whole process felt more like a friend was showing you around. She also stays in contact with her clients, and has a get-together every year for past clients.

D. Tetzlaff

Contagiously energetic . . . A really GOOD quality for sales.

N. Hilton

She has lots of experience and really knows the Portland real estate market. She takes care of her clients, and is a real people person.

M. Greenfield

Paula will listen, work hard, and find the home you want to own.

S. Hickox

You are one of the top Realtors in Portland, very interested in clients. You pay attention to details -- whether it's selling a client's home or finding them a home. I tell friends you specialize in placing professionals who are moving to Portland from out of state and are very knowledgeable about all of Portland's surrounding areas and neighborhoods.

S. Rose

Paula is an experienced, hardworking real estate agent I trust who earns her commission.

H. Rueda

I have referred friends to you. The words I used were "honest, competent or knowledgeable," and something to the effect that "you know the business."

L. Andrews

You listen to me. You offer practical advise. I have always had the sense and understanding that you are honest and you will tell the truth. For instance, if I was smitten with a little place somewhere that was overpriced for what it was, I feel like you would tell me that. And if I decided to go for the property anyway, then you would totally help me go for it. You are full of knowledge and energy, and that's what makes you one of the top Realtors in Portland!

E. Black

Paula was the best. She was on top of things and took care of many items I was unable to handle, being an out-of-state owner. I would highly recommend Paula to handle any residential sale or purchase.

L. Larkin

Paula is great at working with your unique circumstances, whether it is timing or getting agreement from several co-owners regarding the terms of the listing or sale. She'll put in the extra time to make sure everyone's needs are met.

M. Skinner Lanier

Despite external events that worked against her . . . Paula persisted and managed to sell our home for a competitive price. I greatly appreciate Paula's professionalism and gusto.